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Thread: Virgin Media :(

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    Virgin Media :(

    I get constant lag spikes with 60MB Virgin Media, same for everyone else?

    I've looked at ADSL and the max I can get is ADSL 2+ @ 3-4Mbps

    What a pooper.
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    What about FTTC?
    IS your area not activated yet?

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    I've also had this problem with Virgin Media.

    The issue is caused by 'over subscription' in your area it seems, during peak hours the network gets congested and causes your latency to jump up and down, which makes you warp.

    If you go here and create a monitor using your IP address, the website will create a graph which shows how 'stable' your connection is. For me, it was stable until 4pm every day, then went haywire till midnight.

    I called VM and complained, pointing out that I had no issues getting my advertised speed, but the latency problems made online gaming impossible. I pushed for compensation and ended up getting a few months free, and they advised they were working to solve the problem. They explained that the bandwidth in this area would be upgraded at the start of April and so far *touch wood* I've seen a big improvement!

    Give them a phone and see what they say, but use that monitor for a few days so that you have some evidence!

    Hope that helps! It drove me round the bend for a month before I figured out the problem!

    Here is a graph of my connection over the past 24h:


    And the same connection before they increased my areas total bandwidth:


    The reason you get spikes, and warping is the blue line. The closer it is to a flat line, the better your connection in-game will be.
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