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Thread: Perth Servers Please!

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    Perth Servers Please!

    So I see there was a thread about perth server's being taken down due to looking at other options...

    How about you guys just put the servers back up again ? I'm ex NZ and have paid for premium and would get a decent ping on sydney servers, relocated to Perth and quite frankly playability has gone to **** on the sydney servers due to ping, the only servers i can get a decent ping on is adelaide servers.

    Surely you could take down the adelaide servers and replace with perth ??

    I doubt that i will be renewing my paid membership when i can't even play a decent game :/

    Come on quake live help the perth players out and put the servers back up

    Pretty please....with a cherry on top! lol :P

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    It's not that bad... but servers in Perth would be nice.
    Nom nom nom nom!

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