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Thread: Need help fast can't play pratice or normal games

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    Need help fast can't play pratice or normal games

    I am not new to quake i had an account for 3 years but was inactive for 7 months there and my account has been deleted so i am starting again i have downloaded mozillafirefox and quake but when i go into the practice arena or match's the screen just jirks about and i cant really move its like major lag or something all i can do is quit am i missing something that i need to download a fellow quaker please help computers aint my strong point my ex set it all up on my old account and it always worked fine through mozilla firefox chocking to get playing again HELP HELP HELP

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    Are you on Windows or Linux? Does your OS have graphics drivers installed? Can you move with WASD but can't look with mouse or it is immovable at all? Tell us your system specs and screenshot from game. Use imgur for hosting, works the best.

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