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Thread: Cant start a practice match?

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    Cant start a practice match?

    I cant seem to start a practice match. It looks like its loading but just ends up showing the quake logo and saying quit on the bottom. I can join matches and the training center fine, just not practice matches. Any ideas? This is with qlprism and directly from the site.

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    The problem only exists for standard accounts, so this is inaccurate.

    They should come up with some solution for it though I agree.

    I think they would like to control the content standard users have access to, and while this is easy for online servers, it is difficult for offline practice games without crippling the map/devmap options.

    They're against third party hosting of their maps, which is very inconvenient but understandable I suppose. You can still download the maps from them, albeit one at a time.

    It is a way to limit outgoing bandwidth from their servers, as this would be higher if all accounts downloaded all the maps. Really I think this is the reasonable thing to do though, or have a menu option to do so with a warning about not being able to play maps online that aren't in the standard rotation.

    Otherwise I can see no healthy solution to the problem. Preventing non-rotation maps from showing up in the practice menu for standards is one thing, but it doesn't help those who are used to just loading up the game and \devmap theirfavoritemap.

    An in-between solution would be to have them download when called for even in practice mode. So if you're a standard, and you do say \devmap aerowalk and it's not in the standard rotation, it downloads the map and then loads it. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement, would more or less eliminate the problem and also not make use of the full bandwidth that exists for having every user download all the maps should they not have them.
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