Hello, hello dear Quakers.

As our comrade quiet_L, I have a doubt about my current level, I often spend Tier 3 to Tier 4, without too many reasons (I think).

In Tier 3 (I have little time) I too easily kills another without enjoying it.

In Tier 4, I normally play, I do not have a huge ratio and not too low, I'm in the "standard", but I do not know what I descend as soon as I got back.

For this, I have a record taken in a completely random game (me being the last to fall under the hand) do a part in Tier 4. I do not play very well, and I do not play too badly in this part, I think being in "my normal days." I want you to tell me if there is something better. Brain, Skill, Moove? It is up to you to tell me.

I look at a record that SIAS is painful, and not necessarily fun, but to all those who have the desire, courage, patience, I made ​​a call for help!

Hoping quiet as our comrade-L have answers that will advance em!

Good viewing (and good luck ^ ^)

So I want your opinions, advice you, your reviews (and your insults hihi) improved for me and understand why I can not stay Tier 4.

(sorry for my English, i'm French ^^)

Record: http://www.filedropper.com/1_20