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Thread: Start game, hear sounds, but see only Server menu/web-browser?

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    Start game, hear sounds, but see only Server menu/web-browser?

    hi. not everytime, but 50/50% of times, I either start a practice match or join an online server and it connects, I can hear all the sounds, But I only see the server menu to join other games. I don't know why it does that, Thats why I'm here to find out.

    anyone know why I can only hear action sounds from the game, but only see the browser?.

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    I have the same problem on my Ubuntu 12.04 x32, web browser - Firefox 18.0.2.
    I read some forums about that problem - here user @unicorn said - "This happens when you have not downloaded the maps yet. "
    I will appreciate if someone helps me
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    OK! I found a solution and I hope this will SOLVE your problem like solved mine.
    A player named @phagophobia
    "quakelive not loading any games
    Any game I either join or create simply hangs at a quake logo. My only option is to quit the game. I can hear game sounds as though other players are able to play, but I just see the logo.
    How do I fix this? "
    (the same problem, like on my game)
    Here, in this thread (click to go to forum page) I read and found a solution for me:
    "Can you back up your configs, and then reset through the website? (game settings --> reset defaults). That will eliminate the possibility of any cvar killing your renderer..."
    "That's weird. As if frames were rendered but not displayed. Is it the same thing in Fullscreen and window mode? (Alt-Enter to toggle)"
    My Solution
    1. Game Settings => Reset Defaults
    2. When I hear a game sounds (after game is loaded), press Alt-Enter

    I hope this will help someone, like it helped me
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