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Thread: Rockvillerideson..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockvilleRideOn View Post
    I wasn't mad when I made the post above, everyone gets confused or misses something...
    It's because it's through text. People can't always tell what's being intended unless it's blatantly obvious.

    However, on-topic, I do think that an opt-in feature for specific gametype invites would be a nice inclusion for id to add or for a userscript. (Probably a userscript :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Mr_Ed View Post
    The initial screen you show, I hit to change the bio once in a while. The "Site Preferences" menu you show falls under the "Account Settings" heading. I haven't had to touch my account settings in years, so this isn't a natural place to find such settings. If you'd like to discuss web UI design versus being "that dumb" I'd love to have that conversation. I've only been working professionally in software for 12 years now, so I would love to hear your amazing ideas around digging through websites to find obvious things like this.
    Awesome, I didn't ask you any of that, but thanks for telling me.

    Maybe if you had said that in the first place I wouldn't have considered that, and I wouldn't have posted.

    It would have been funnier too, "Hey guys, I have been playing around with software for 12 years professionally, but I cant figure out how to turn off this setting because of this web UI design".

    That would have been funny.
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    just another $0.02...

    i appreciate what rock is trying to do here. i'm on his list and i get the invites and they don't bother me. in fact, my QL crashes all the time (mac, ugh) and i always know that i can just reload and i'll get another invite. his servers are very fun and filled with people who are actually laughing and enjoying themselves.

    my only complaints:
    - when the server fills up too fast
    - when you run zombie mode on that one map where you hide under the stairs and not let me hide too!

    a lot of us appreciate what you're trying to do here. QL's been a lot more fun because of it. thank you.

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