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Thread: Hyozan Clan [HzN] - Accepting the Guns that are willing

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    Hyozan Clan [HzN] - Accepting the Guns that are willing

    -To accept victory is to welcome complacency

    -To accept defeat is to welcome improvement

    -Recognize your opponent as a reflection of yourself. For victory is strength
    and defeat is weakness to your opponent.

    -Recognize yourself as someone with unlimited potential, for victory within is mastery of
    strength, and defeat is stregnth yet to master...

    -Act with purpose. In knowing this, you shall never yield.

    -Honor your foes. In knowing this, you can never falter.

    -Fight at the peak of your ability. In knowing this you can never truely lose.

    -Show no mercy until death. In knowing this, you can never truly die.
    We accept all those with willing hearts and minds.

    Our goal is simple: To build an army so that none may match our numbers.

    While we are still in our infant stages, I have faith that those who join can help to build something impressive. As a member of our clan, your task is simple, to spread word of Hyozan in whatever games you play. Remember to honor the clan and respect your clanmates, and exemplify your ability to its fullest on the battlefield. While at first I don't expect this to be a competitive clan, I do wish to associate myself with and bring together gamers who give it there all and who perceive defeat only as an opportunity to grow and improve.

    Let us know what other games you play and we can exchange profile information.

    If you are interested just shoot me a friend request.
    :U I am poTshoT :L

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    Junior Member ImOtaku is on a distinguished road
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    Sounds great, add me! Uh... what skil level are you?

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    Junior Member LEE is on a distinguished road
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    I good player. Add me!

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