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Thread: LG + Zoom

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    Junior Member Colusion is on a distinguished road
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    LG + Zoom

    Hi all.

    I'm looking for a correct command to do the following.

    At the moment i always use the script/ commands below (see code).
    But now i want to try and bind SPACE for like cg_zoomfov "70" and ALT for cg_zoomfov "45"...

    bind SPACE "+zoom"
    seta zoomfov "60"
    seta cg_zoomfov "45"
    seta zoomsensitivity "1"
    seta cg_zoomScaling "1"
    //The following is Binding Stuff only WHILE Firing: http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?1951-Improving-LG-accuracy-to-the-next-level&p=31195
    seta _Gaunt "weapon 1;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _MG "weapon 2;_zFireOFF; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _SG "weapon 3;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _GL "weapon 4;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _RL "weapon 5;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _LG "weapon 6;_zFireOn; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _RG "weapon 7;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _PG "weapon 8;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _BFG "weapon 9;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _NG "weapon 11;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _PX "weapon 12;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    seta _CG "weapon 13;_zFireOff; cg_drawcrosshair 2;" 
    bind 1 "vstr _Gaunt"
    bind 2 "vstr _MG"
    bind 3 "vstr _SG"
    bind 4 "vstr _GL"
    bind 5 "vstr _RL"
    bind 6 "vstr _LG"
    bind 7 "vstr _RG"
    bind 8 "vstr _PG"
    bind 9 "vstr _BFG"
    bind q "vstr _RG"
    bind e "vstr _RL"
    bind r "vstr _LG"
    bind f "vstr _PG"
    bind MOUSE1 "+zfire"
    //bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
    alias loadLgSettings "sensitivity 1.215; cg_drawcrosshair 2; cg_crosshairsize 40" // 1.3625 put all lg changes here, crosshair, sens, fov etc
    alias loadDefWeapSettings "sensitivity 1.385" //1.275 put default weapon config here chrosshair settings, and sens/fov etc etc if you want
    alias -zfire "-attack;loadDefWeapSettings" //disable fire, change back to all default weaponsettings 
    alias +zfire "+attack" //setup +zfire or you wouldn't be able to fire or change who you spectate until you change a weapon.
    alias zFirePt2 "+attack;loadLgSettings" //2nd stage chain alias as otherwise you can't script more than one thing to change in an alias, loads all lg settings.
    alias _zFireOn "alias +zfire zFirePt2" 
    alias _zFireOff "alias +zfire +attack;loadDefWeapSettings" //do NOT call -zfire as it uses -attack it would stop next weapon firing, if fire as held during a change

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    /bind SPACE cg_zoomfov "70"
    /bind ALT cg_zoomfov "45"
    Unless I'm missing something, this appears to be what you want.
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    Senior Member megaman3 is on a distinguished road
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    What I do is binding zoomfov 70 in weapon 6 and 2 (lg and machinegun) and zoomfov 45 for the rest. That way it is only one button needed, spacebar in my case, and zooming in only happens if I press the bound zoom key (it is not a good idea to always zoom when shooting).

    bind capslock "weapon 6; cg_zoomfov 70" (lg)
    bind shift "weapon 7; cg_zoomfov 45" (rg)

    Numbers and commands could be wrong though, but that's the idea. Fov remains the same with all weapons (103), zoom is activated by holding the spacebar key, if I select the lg (capslock) zoomfov is 70, railgun 45. Doesn't get simpler than that.
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    Junior Member Colusion is on a distinguished road
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    Both did not work for me.

    First option(pikaluva13) did not do anything
    Second option only changed my SPACE button to the ALT button fov

    The ALT button is not working

    Do i have to put something like this ?

    bind SPACE "seta cg_zoomfov 45; zoomfov 45; zoomsensitivity 1;"
    bind ALT "seta cg_zoomfov 70; zoomfov 70; zoomsensitivity 2;"

    End remove the below settings in cfg ?
    seta zoomfov "60"
    seta cg_zoomfov "45"
    seta zoomsensitivity "1"
    seta cg_zoomScaling "1"

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    Senior Member Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa's Avatar
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    bind space "cg_zoomfov 70 ; +zoom"

    bind ALT "cg_zoomfov 45 ; +zoom"

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