Hi all,

Welcome to the new dawn in amateur, semi-pro, and pro game play. We here at the IGL are committed to providing a fair and even playing field for all sorts of players from the casual once a week player right up the the Pro player who commits hours into his game play. Since Clan Arena is the most popular team game type at the moment, we are offering a unique experience that you have not seen out of any ladder.

How does this thing work?

Matches occur every hour, on the hour. As a captain you have the ability to register your team for a match up to 4 hours in advance. Once your team is registered, you may vote for the map of your choice. Map selections are randomly generated from a pool of available maps. Schedules are generated at the top of the hour, matches will take place on the map with the most votes. Each team will be paired against a team within their own skill range. Teams will not play each other twice in a row.

Match times are displayed in a user's local time zone.

How are points calculated?

All teams start at 100 points.
Winning a match will give you a minimum of 1 point.
Beating a team ranked higher than you will give you an additional bonus of 5% of the opponent’s value.
Beating a team ranked lower than you will give you an additional bonus of 2.5% of the opponent’s value.
Losing to a team ranked higher than you will remove 2.5% of your own value.
Losing to a team ranked lower than you will remove 5% of your own value.
A forfeit will remove 7% of your own value.
A Tie will give both teams Value = Value - Value * 0.05 + Opponent * 0.05
Streaks of 5 wins and over will give the winning team points equal to their current streak
The maximum gain a team will get for a single win is 10% of their own value.

There is more info available on the ladder page once you have signed up so if you are serious about competing in a tiered ladder, sign on up!

How to get started
  1. Register on the site @PlayIGL
  2. Make a team in your profile dashboard(Max three players per team).
  3. Get your friends to register on the site also and add them to the team or give them the password to the team if you have added one.
  4. Sign up to the ladder once you have two players on your team.

Ladder Format
  • Clan Arena 2v2.
  • Highest Seed Picks first.
  • Best of Three(3)
  • Drop, Drop, Pick, Pick.
  • Remaining map will be used for the 3rd map if needed.

  • Asylum
  • Campgrounds
  • Electric Head
  • Evolution
  • Thunderstruck

How to Contact the Other Team and get in the Game
  • Once you have scheduled a time on the ladder to play and you have another team that has challenged you, look at their team and then invite the players on your Quake Live friends list.
  • After they have accepted you can easily chat and figure out the best server location to play at using the in game player chat.
  • If one of the players on either team has a Pro Account you can spawn a server anywhere with a private password in order to not have any disturbances.
  • Also Pro Account owners can invite up to five(5) players with standard accounts so it is easy to get everyone onto any Premium/Pro Servers.

Mumble Server

If you want to use my public Mumble server feel free!
  • Server Ip : mumble.targetquake.com
  • Port : 4370

Mumble Rules
  • Keep it Clean
  • Respect other players in other channels
  • Do not post any obscene pics in your profile
  • If you would like a private channel let me know