I don't know what's causing it, the only thing I know is that it has changed, whether it's a client update or server setting, I don't know.
And everything is showing as fine too, no lag, no packet loss, little to no jitter. My ping tests agree with the lag-o-meter on my screen while in game.
Flash you've played me before on other accounts, if you can remember, early last year I was averaging 40-60% accuracy in iFT, almost every single match.
Now, one game I'll get 55%, the next game I'll get like 12% before I GG out. The next game will be 25% then all over the place. Even on maps that get solid 125 fps, I get this weird lag and through shots.
Some servers seem worse then others too. VA is horrible, I get less through shots on a TX server where I ping 60-80 then on VA server where I get 30.

Is there a client command to show what the server sees when you shoot? Maybe I have that on?