This Wednesday at 19:00 NY time STEP IT UP will be hosting a Quake LIVE N.A. duel cup for low- to mid-skill players. Your QLRanks Elo should not exceed 1650, and your Quake Live account should have a reasonable amount of time *and duels* played. Players who have already qualified cannot participate in this cup.

To participate in the cup sign up here and check-in 30 minutes prior to the event in #SiU chat.

Standard cup : top3 qualifies for the grand final.
Grand Final : 1st - 3months pro, 2nd - 3months premium, 3rd - a hug from faerie ( we'll figure something out )

Cup #4: 19:00 EDT, 3 April 2013
S3 Grand Final: 19:00 EDT, 10 April 2013

Quick Info
Bracket: 16 players, double elimination
Format: Best of Three, with only the WB vs. LB finals as a double Bo3; and with a 1-set advantage to the player in WB.
Moar info: Toss toss pick pick. Highest Elo as shown on the brackets tosses first. WB vs LB finals = highest Elo 1st set, other player 2nd set
Map Pool: Lost World, Blood Run, Aerowalk, Hektik, Toxicity

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