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Thread: How do they made that?

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    How did they made that?

    How did they made that?
    ... might be a common question, when playing a map with special effects, beyond teleporters and jumppads. Most of the "secrets" needed to make a cool map can be found in tutorials and since Radiant supports quake-live you wont need this text for mapping, but if you want to have a closer look inside a certain map it should be useful.
    I found out for example that skyward uses hintbrushes in a way that differs from the way tutorials usual explain it. I have used this "technique" in my quake-live-map cloudwalk - and it works fine. It was also very interesting to look at the quake-live-shaders and understand them with this tutorial

    You just have to take a few steps to access all the quake-live stuff, three little programms are needed.

    Quickbms from Luigi Auriemma
    q3map2 - as a mapper you allready have it, so heres a link to a tutorial
    Hex Editor Neo (free Demo Version)

    ... does the same thing as quakelivedec.exe but in a more comfortable way. You can convert one or more quakelive.pk3 at once to the pk3-format known from quake3. And these format is nothing other than a zip-file.
    The programm is self-explaining. Unzip quickbms.zip into a folder you have created. Put the quake-live.pk3 you want to decrypt in this folder, execute quickbms.exe, choose quakelive.bms from the window popping up. Next choose one or more pk3's for conversion. Example: If you grap pak00.pk3 the output-file is named pak00.pk3.zip. Yo can unzip these file and access the stuff inside. If you want to see all the quake-live-shaders you have to convert all the paks's from pak00.pk3 up to pak50.pk3.

    NOTE: Quickbms also allows it to create a quakelive.pk3 from a normal pk3. Put yourmap.pk3 (with your bsp, ass-file, textures, shaders and levelshot) inside the Quickbms-folder an proceed the steps explained above. The outputfile yourmap.pk3.zip is a quakelive.pk3 (Just remove the .zip-ending).

    If you want to take a clooser look into a certain quake-live-map proceed as I have described it above. Just remove the .zip-ending and you have a quake3.pk3. This does not mean, that you can play it in quake3, but more about it later. If you have renamed it to zip, you will see the folders inside - one of them has the name maps and inside is the bsp-file. That's the one we want to explore.

    ... can convert the bsp-file to a map-file that can be opend by radiant. Take care to place the bsp where your q3map2.exe is. I my example it is skyward and q3map2.exe lies directly in my user-name-folder.

    In a command prompt window write: q3map2.exe -convert -format map skyward.bsp

    In my case it looks like this: C:\Users\Tara Hadrian>q3map2.exe -convert -format map skyward.bsp. Hit enter and the map file is created. Open it with radiant and explore it.

    Hex Editor Neo
    ... is just a little helper. Some editors like quake army knife (Quark) can display bsp-files directly. Entities are shown in a txt-file and if you open the bsp in Quark, an explorer shows the entities and the way they are connected. If you got the error-message: wrong version-number just open the the bsp with the HEX editor and change the fifth byte from '2f' to '2e'. This converts the bsp-version back to quake3-format.

    This allows you also to create a pk3 that can be played in quake3. BUT: It is not supposed to convert quakelive-maps for playing them in quake3. And there is no reason for doing that, because most of the quake-live-maps were q3-maps that can be found at http://lvlworld.com. Next reason is: There will be textures missing, cause the q3 and ql-texture set differs. A ql-mapper can also use png-textures, that q3 can not display. And if the mapper put's some customs sounds in it, it will be ogg-files. If you approach a target-speaker an annoying BIIIIEP will sound.
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    How did they make that*

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    It shouldn't be necessary to hex edit the bsp version. Just use the '-game quakelive' switch in q3map2.

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    Fixed (as far as possible ;-)
    yes ... and it seems to be allways recommended to use this line: -game [game abbreviation], thanks
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