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Thread: awaiting challenge to INFINITY

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    awaiting challenge to INFINITY

    just installed, been searching forums and all of the internetz and cant find anything except the about:config stuff for FF. that didn't work.

    finished training, whew... (end sarcasm)
    now trying to connect to a server and it just sits there awaiting challenge.

    what the dilly-yo?

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    i'm stuck on that too any hint?

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    Im also having the same problem.

    It also says 'No or bad challenge for address' underneath.
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    Junior Member IplayAlienArena is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2010
    And if I ever manage to get past the "Awaiting Challenge" thing, mine says something about a snapshot and then it's bye, bye for good. Grr. Frustrating.

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    I rebooted my modem and it worked : )

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    mine don't work

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    I've also been experiencing this for the last hour or so. I can't connect to a single server. There have also been intermittent website outages. Anyone else experiencing the site outages?

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    i stay in the awaiting challenge page :S , cant get into the game

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    Member Hadrian is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    yep me 2 and others from my list
    cant connect to any countries server
    someone on mIRC spam syncerror

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    same problem....
    yesterday it was fine and today not working.

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