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Thread: Why Tier Slumming the SIU Cup Ruins Competetive Play.

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    Why Tier Slumming the SIU Cup Ruins Competetive Play.

    EDIT: Link to the cup - SIU Cup

    I am not a writer so here are the pro's and con's that I see.

    Pro: There are some entertaining games to watch.

    But is this really that important? Aren't there a million entertaining games to watch? Just check youtube or google 'esreality oaki demos' and you have TONS of games to watch. Hell, even check out ZootLive or the Deliberate Murder twitch.tv channels. All high skilled, entertaining games.

    If you want to watch an entertaining, high level, NA duel, build a community of duelers so you have enough to hold a competition.

    Con: It is cheating. This is no different than an aim-bot, auto-shooter or a wall hack. It is an unfair advantage obtained by manipulation of what should be a trusted rating system. ('rating system' = a guide to a players skill).

    Con: It decreases the chances of a lower skilled player winning the free subscriptions. This who the tournament is designed to encourage to play by giving away the freaking subscriptions people. The community doesn't need some OG dueler to come in and get something for free that they are likely already paying for. Leave it in reach of the nubs.

    Con: It makes it seem even harder to earn a 1650 elo than it actually is. True, 1650 is hard to get and you have to work for it. That is why there are so few people there. But why discourage people from wanting to get that good? Don't you want more people to play? What about more high skilled games to watch?

    Could probably list more, but I hope this gets the gist of my point across. This community is struggling to gain new users and this behavior is a major reason why. Don't be an ass hole.

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    I'm not sure I understand your post. Are you saying the cup itself is bad, or just that people who acquire a 1650 rating via less than honest means to play in it are.

    I think it's pretty obvious that the latter are bad, and the admin is somewhat aware of this and I believe has even prevented certain players from entering for this reason.

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    A lower tier duel cup is a fascinating idea to me. As I'm getting more active after 2 months off, I'm looking forward to joining in the fray there.

    However, it's the nature of online gaming for better players to see anything targeting less skilled players as easy pickings. I wouldn't be surprised if people created new alts with the sole purpose of building up some time, keeping their ranking low, just so they could own a bunch of noobs in something like this. It's kind of pathetic, but you know how much the almighty "W" means to some people in this community.

    Everamzah is a smart guy bringing a lot of energy into this idea. I hope it will pan out to something very cool and not be destroyed by the pseudo try-hards who can only win by farming more casual players.

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