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Thread: Scorebox bug

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    Scorebox bug

    I tried to find if this was reported already, and could not find it.

    I use the QL hud with big clock, and on the bottom left of the corner I have a frag counter (scorebox). In the matches I played today, both counters (blue, red) would show my own score. The scoreboard would show the correct scores.

    I wanted to take a screenshot of it, but if I play the demo, even more weird things happen (the scorebox now updates correctly, but the scoreboard does not). I am quite confused. I can provide the demo if that helps.

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    I believe this will be fixed in the next update (Read as "I think it will be, but don't blame me if it's not"), but I'm not sure if it's actually been reported here on the forum in it's own thread. I've seen a few posts about it though spread around.

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