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Thread: MuckyMan DOES NOT use haxx!

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    MuckyMan DOES NOT use haxx!

    Hello there friends

    I just want to put the record straight, as there seems to be many allegations that are floating around regarding mucky using very sophisticated bot haxx. I know he may hit lg and rails that may seem inhumanly possible and put strenx to shame, but this is down to his skill, he has worked night and day eating fried chicken and playing ql to get there. Mucky is a good guy and he does a lot for the game. Please stop abusing him and calling him names, it's up to him how many guys he sleeps with, how much fried chicken he eats, and how he plays the game.

    Yours truly,


    GL & HF

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    How much did he pay you? HOW MUCH?!

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    lollage Cheatos i tell you!
    You got to admit his gauntlets is a bit iffy ! if hes playing well,, then its his wife taking the reigns while he drops stella off at the pool! lol

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