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Thread: help me set sensivity and other options for weapons

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    help me set sensivity and other options for weapons

    Hi. I use 5 mouse speed normally. Now i bought premium and want to utilise those new options for diff weapons. As i am weekend player, i dont have time to check and try it all by myself. Can s1 help me with configuration (like speed fov etc) ?

    Also i would like to know how to:

    1) set mouse acceleration
    2) make LG beam very low resolution (just continous white beam) where other weapon look nice. (I have good PC so i dont want to play crappy graphics, but "HD" LG beam is much more difficult to aim for me

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    All that can be done without having premium/pro, using the console. It is the exact same really considering you are typing that on a menu (premium) instead of on the console.


    cl_mouseaccel. Start with 0.1 for all weapons, literally no one uses 1 or above. I wouldn't touch the other mouseaccel commands (power, offset, etc.) because they aren't needed really. Also consider that m_pitch and m_yaw affect this command, so if you have m_yaw 0.018 then it will have a lower horizontal sens and accel.

    Sensitivity varies on dpi and other factors. Be sure to use in_mouse 2 (quakelive console command) so there aren't other external factors like in other games, but just dpi. All this means "speed 5" means nothing: the correct measurement is the space (cm) needed to do a 360 (2 180 spins :P).
    With that said, don't use something that's way too high (lets say 10cm/360) or way too low (50cm/360. Values without accel) unless you are very good at the game. 25cm is nice, so adjust your sensitivity in-game to get that speed. Remember to use in_mouse 2.

    Beam options are on the menu. The settings to hit the most are the ones that allow you to see the opponent at all times, for example a circle crosshair with a pseudo-transparent beam (there are other combinations). Also using a smaller fov effectively is advantageous with the lg and rail on certain situations, so there are a couple of options (+zoom button, fov decreasing automatically when selecting a weapon, etc.).

    Don't use a default low or high fov: just stick with 102. Practically no one uses high fov (120) or low (less than 90) anymore. Good alternatives are 93, 100 (default in ql) and 110.

    But in the end the default settings are pretty good once you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that blocks your view or is distracting in general (bob is a prime example). The menus themselves have practically all the settings, with very few exceptions that have to be inputted on the console.

    Finally, remember to /writeconfig (command) your cfg or everything will be lost. Lets say you edit all that in-game and at the end put /writeconfig wujc15, then the next time put /exec wujc15 so it works. It is not the greatest idea using /writeconfig autoexec (so there's no need to execute it manually every time) at the beginning because the previous autoexec gets overwritten, plus it's nice having back ups of your previous cfgs.
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    <3 very nice; thanks man

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