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Thread: What happened to cg_teamUpperColor and cg_weaponcolorstyle

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    What happened to cg_teamUpperColor and cg_weaponcolorstyle

    As the title suggests. I'm curious as to what happened to these as QL doesn't seem to recognise teamUpperColor... this combined with cg_weaponcolorstyle also being non-existent I'm having a hard time getting enemy and team colours set up how I want. The problem I'm having is that team-upper is white and it doesn't really fit in with the rest of their coloured kit.

    -Turns out I had an unintended character in the teamuppercolor line which was bugging it out, so I'm being a noob-

    What I wish to achieve is Enemies to always be green brightskin, and team members to always be red. I wish my rail to exhibit color1 and color2 colours and my team-mates rails to show up whatever they have their rail set to. The colour of team mates grenades to be red, the colour of my grenades to be white and the colour of enemy grenades (and rails) to be the same green as brightskin. Pretty much a CA setup.Heafmo.txt
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    cg_teamUpperColor still exists and works.

    What you want can't be done anymore (since like 2-3 years ago), team/enemy rails and nades are controlled with the same cvars now, and your own nades have new cvar, cg_weaponColor_grenade.

    You will probably settle on cg_forceTeamWeaponColor 1 + cg_forceEnemyWeaponColor 1. Remember that your mates can have rails in color of enemy, so forcing both nades and rails is for greater good :)

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