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Thread: T4 ffa ?

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    T4 ffa ?

    How you guys doing, I need some advice:

    Right now i am constantly being shifted from T3 to T4 and back in FFA, I play T3 and come 2nd mostly, 1st sometimes and 3rd and then i get shifted to T4 which i do well in but come in bottom 3 with most deaths.

    I would appreciate if you give me tips on how to be a better T4 player, My weapon aiming is o.k and its improving more, i can strafe jump and move around but one problem is that in T4 i do the damage but cant finish the kill majority of the time and they kill me.

    Any tips would be appreciated

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    - learn the maps. Basic stuff first - weapon spawns, armors, MH, later choke points, common routes.
    - get a weapon, try to avoid MG battles unless the enemy is very low on health (or afk )
    - know what fights to take and what fights to avoid. (you might eventually outaim someone's LG with your MG, but was it worth it?)
    - don't avoid armors, check if they've spawned when passing by
    - learn to time quad. Take position in the quad spawn area at 0:40, and depending on situation, you'll be able to take it or get an easy kill or two on whoever tries to steal it. Then come back 2 minutes after it was picked up (the moment you hear announcer say "quad damage").
    - don't look like an easy target (walking in straight line, running away in the open)
    - learn to dodge against different weapons (LG - mostly different combinations of left/right, RL - don't get too close, avoid corners and walls, anticipate the projectile and move accordingly, etc)
    - try to predict what the current opponent will do next. Will he wait for you to come to him, look for other target, spam, chase (from where)?
    - record and watch your demos, see what you could have done better, try not to repeat the same mistakes over and over
    - play other game modes, it will help you become a better and more versatile player much faster. Find a duelling partner somewhere around your skill level, play some TDM, CA might also be good to learn some basic positioning, aiming, +backing.
    - make sure your config isn't being a major obstacle (try to get stable 125fps, optimal net settings, in_mouse 2, etc). Check Lorfa's cvar guide, download Emsixteen's Essential config tweaks.
    - read Yakumo's The Ultimate Quake Live Guide (clickable)
    - read this thread on ESR - http://www.esreality.com/post/2384432/how-to-practice/ , it's surprisingly helpful, lots of great advices

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    Time RA. Run from 1v1 fights (unless you're absolutely sure noone will steal the kill). Join other people's 1v1 fights to steal their kills.
    End of story.

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    Best way to get advice is to post a demo so we can see what's going on :-)

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    Best way to win T4 FFA is to play other gametypes a lot.

    That is, FFA is a chaos. You have to know precisely what to do and try to grasp the situation quickly.

    They say that if you can enforce Quad control on a veteran FFA server then you're the boss. And how right they are. The moment when PU spawns is the moment everyone rushes there - and many are there 5-10 seconds before it spawns. So youre against a lot of stacked players. The only way is to either be strong and skilled enough to westle the Quad from the enemies, or ambush him. He prolly will be weakened so if you feel cool and stacked and ready try to wait for him in hiding and pummel him from behind with the best gun you've got - and the one that will do the work in the quickest way possible.
    If you see that you're unable to get Quad b/c somebody does a better job of taking it - do not bother. You will just die and lose time and points. Try to steer clear of the Quaded enemy and harvest frags without it.
    Alternatively, on maps where 2 PUs spawn, you can try to control second PU (usually ** or HASTE) as almost all guys go for the Q alone. Veteran players will get one PU and quickly move to the another so be warned, you could get killed.
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    In ql the other weapons started to shine.
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    anywas hope rocket lawnchairs r neffed, becuz they mak me mad n get iolet so no noob can spam nd win like idot

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    When I was in between t3 and t4 (I started QL with FFA), I didn't ask any questions, I kept playing and ended up in t4 gold. That is the best solution. After that I switched to other gametypes.
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    watch these videos and pay attention


    he explains exactly how you should play an FFA match

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