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Thread: 4on4 CA team

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    Junior Member BARNEY_ is on a distinguished road BARNEY_'s Avatar
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    Smile 4on4 CA team

    Hey guys!

    Im looking for 3 more members in my team EU region, if u are wanna play competitively 4on4 CA games ( www.faceit.com http://www.houseofquake.com/ )

    what i want:
    -Atleast 17 years old
    -experience, mid skill level
    -team work

    what i offer:
    -team speak 3 server

    add me in game for the rest

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    i have not played qauke in clan but i have played cs 1.6 semi pro for 5 y+ im form sweden just add me if u want to know more _

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    Senior Member Latvietis is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2013
    I'm interested, add me we'll talk more

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    Junior Member Stifl3R is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2013
    i am intressted i will help u guys out if u need a extra man

    i am T4 CA player xD

    with some skills that i am willing to throw at the enemy

    add me up to ur friends and u can ask me more if need to

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    Junior Member t3llus is on a distinguished road t3llus's Avatar
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    I wouldn't mind giving it a shot - I added you. I'm a T4 CA player, who's been playing Quake on and off since Q3 was released.

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