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Thread: [3A] Tier 34 clan is looking for some cheap suckas (FREE BEER!)

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    Cool [3A] Tier 34 clan is looking for some cheap **** (FREE BEER!)


    Hey there!

    As topic says, we are looking for some cheap ***** with skills between 24 which enjoy playing some classy 1on1 or XonX matches every now and then. The aspirant should not only be cheap, no, he should also have a good sense of humour, an IQ of at least 90 and should have some cunning style of playing (we love to get surprised when we are already confident of victory when a game stands 9:9).

    It would be nice if the aspirant does also have a pro/premium subscription, so that we can play all the cool maps everytime we want.

    We are currently 3 members (including me).

    If you are interested, just send me a message introduce yourself with one or two sentences, tell me who your three favorite maps are and why you love QL.

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