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Thread: Help for a T3-T4-T3-T4-T3-T4-T3 CA player?

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    CA Elo is a helluva lot better now than it was around half a year ago (when you'd see stupid crap like people with negative Elo). The top lists conform reasonably well to the most skilled active players around now.

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    Limbless_Pony, thanks for the advice. I must admit to playing T3 matches when i am getting pushed into it, due to T4 being somewhat of a harsh experience. I'll try to stick to T4 more! Also, the idea of observing and choices made is great, it makes the whole thing somewhat logical. Now i need to find a few unsuspecting T5 guys to stalk.

    Cat, i saw your LG tutorial. In the beginning, i purely tried to mouseaim, which resulted in a huge wobbly mess. Strafing as well as trying to do slow and smooth movements with the mouse to complement the strafing made me hit better indeed. Doing this against T3 players makes me feel like godmode. Not that i would abuse the power though ... :P

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    The other night I was watching those XTO guys play. The only thing I learned from them is pretty much "Don't miss" lol.

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    Haha, indeed! The ability to hit so well seems to be pretty instrumental.

    By observing people from low T3 to high T4, i found that gameplay decisions beyond simple "hit the enemy" do matter alot. One peculiar thing that makes me wonder is the low T3's tendency to "panic-rocketjump" as soon as they spot an enemy alternated with spraying rockets all over the place, something that i cant seem to find that much in higher tiers, as they mostly rocketjump to fast-travel and to escape imminent danger. In lower tiers, this makes them somewhat harder to hit, but in higher tiers, launching yourself on a predictable trajectory in the face of an enemy is pretty much suicide. Gameplay decisions seem to be tier dependant, which is another reason why adjusting from tier 3 to tier 4 is so difficult, as what you learned to do is now counter-productive to a degree.

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    Personally i enjoy being demoted to t3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaasMan View Post
    Well I'm not really stupid, just didnt expect you to want to play on tier 4.
    If you want to play on tier4, work for it. Get your config right, practice matches, watch videos, read tutorials, practice specific things like strafing, aiming, dodging with friends in empty servers. Until you are good enough to play in tier 4.
    It's either that, or tier 3 with a handicap, or t3-t4-t3-t4. Make your pick. Don't whine about it, because if you can't even handle minor things like this, you won't have a lot of success in life.
    You really are stupid idiot who can not read. I repeat for you. I had a problem. I solved it without your help. I do not need your stupid advice.

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    V1mes, i didnt dare to say it so direct, but yes, it sort of has its benefits. Also, cheers for the nightwatch reference.

    uf, you give the perfect impression of a tsundere! I like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeonEon View Post
    Also, cheers for the nightwatch reference.

    It actually has nothing to do with nightwatch :P
    Are you an eu player? if so add me. Then I can have a t3-t4 buddy
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