Nice update

Im on the map right now and will give some feedback what i think about it atm.

In base, Close the High Right Door. I think its just messy with 5 entrences. I believe it will be more interresting aswell by going High with Flag that leads to the Tube.
Also as a deffender i would like a Pipe where u can jump up to flag by coming from the low stairs YA/regen. This is not necessary just a small tip
Also i would like to see one more 25hp bubble in maybe low right corner in base or somewhere in base.
I saw some feedback about the base, and i will take that up aswell that i think the base would look better if u made it just a little bigger "backwards"? Just the Flagstand backwards and its fine.

Something that annoys me everytime i walk down the Left stairs from base is that u intend to jump up on that path on the wall. Hope u understand what i mean, but could just put up a few shards there and make that path Walk able. Also not necessary but a tip.

Coming out from water is still a little hard, u have to dive and then go up to be able to get up from water. If u swim on the surface and try go up it works 50% of the time.

I like a jumpad or some Boxes that u can jump up to mid instead of that ladder low. And the reason for that is when quad is spawning its easy to bounce people off from the quad area with rockets. And it would be impossible to get up to mid again on the slow ladder with 100% shaft in the ass :/

Also dont like the 2 pillars at the mid entrence, i believe these are very annoying when u stand at the Mid entrence railing. I think the mid pillars already covers the map well wich are at Quad. Would like to see an opening like this:

That MH grid is veery annoying. Just remove it. It only works when MH spawns?

I will explain the gameplay on the map what u have right now.
The deffender would be controling High left, Low, and Mid, by controling these sides he can just stay at Mid entrence and do damage and keep an eye on high left and block mid entrence, I would also hear someone walking in water. This might sound easy, but its very hard to control that many entrences at the same time, espacially when u need to get ur items. The deff would Circle LG - MH - GA - low YA. -> Ye i wouldnt go for base YA just because its too far and i would lose control of incomings.
This is what i as a deffender would play.
Not many players will be able to control all this and prefer everything closer to base to be able to sit at flag and camp it. I can tell though that i personaly like it what it is now.
I would then put the Mid player High right, he can spam nades into main entrence if needed. Take top GA and just do dmg and block that entrence because thats the entrence that can dmg the deffender the most, because the attacker can spam rockets to MH or sneak his way into base that way.
The 2 attackers should focus on getting enemy MH.

Very nice to see 3 pu's. I like the map better this version.
I like to see the next version ! And something that is important aswell is where u place out the spawns. This is something that should be beta tested between 2 teams playing the map.