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    Flow is still great. The mid defender is at a disadvantage though. The mid defender will have a hard time defending base, and any offense will have a hard time justifying using the shard/rail entrance. Given that it only offers 20armor, a rail gun, and an INCREDIBLY hard jump over to what amounts to an easier entrance into the base. Have you ever tried running mid defense with a green armor and 20armor in shards? It's sort of a smack in the face, and you might as well close off the entrance, as a spot for the mid to rail from exclusively.

    Perhaps more armor accessible to mid. I really can't think of any maps that offer armor to players for sucessfully defending mid since it really places alot of pressure on the mid defender to never make a mistake.

    Much of this map will really fall on the mid defender's ability to communicate to the base defender entries or hit every single shot on the enemy mid defender to acquire the red armor. I don't know of any maps that make the goal of midding grabbing a non-symmetrical piece of armor. Most of them often play so well because the offense/mid's goals change depending on whether or not offense is able to steal pickups from the other team's defenders. Focus on this sort of play, because it is the most common type, and its the most interesting to watch.

    Maybe make the jump from RG to High SG easier, so the mid can help base depending on his state of affairs.

    Also, consider making the drop for GL to PG/ChainGun a little bit more visible. It's there, but it may go unnoticed by less-skilled players, since it is indeed an incredibly viable route, and it will keep people off of base-d's YA.

    Indeed a very good map, but base still feels a bit sprawling, scale-wise. Often optimal paths to desireable items are unclear, visually.

    This is non-standard but maybe consider putting 2 RA's at mid, and making them spawn in a minute to help chunk plays more clearly. It certainly isn't a huge advantage considering the difficulty one might have getting down there. And on that note it should be more clear that the teleporter is there as a more convenient route for mid, and not a way for offensive attackers to skip over the jump pad from quad/regen platform to high right base entry.

    Still better, more sensible entries. I think it is time to start graphically making things a little bit more obvious. But watch the values of less obvious base entries, since high is a harder place for mid to defend, on this map. Give high more reward for hitting all the rockets they will surely need to use.
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