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Thread: New Cerberon (Alpha 1) - newcerberon_a1.bsp - by EmeraldTiger

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    New Cerberon (Beta 3) - newcerberon_b3.bsp - by EmeraldTiger (UPDATED 11/16/2013)

    New Cerberon - by Ricardo "EmeraldTiger" Stevenson
    Beta 3 (Updated 11/16/2013)

    The initial news of the GTKRadiant 1.6 build announcing QL support was exciting to hear, so I decided to begin work on a new CTF map. Looking for some possible themes, I decided that I would go with a Strogg based aesthetic once I get to the visuals, after being awestruck by cityy's marvelous Strogg textures used in three of the Premium Pack 15 maps. The map is named after the Strogg capital city in the Quake 2 storyline.

    The map supports classic CTF, as well as One Flag CTF, Harvester, Attack & Defend, Domination, and Race.

    Download: (Beta 3)

    - Bugs (check all supported gametypes)
    - Item Placement
    - Inconsistencies between bases in regards to item placement or geometry
    - Botplay

    - Location markers
    - Visuals

    Thank you for your time, and have fun!
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