I shared my opinion, because I wanted to and I can do that as well as you can disagree. I'm complaining about life itself, haha that's funny.

But seriously, I'm not complaining about life itself. I'm giving my feedback to the company which is valuable (giving feedback to company by customers). What's done about that is beyond my influence.

Id software does not do that, just like most companies on the world if you haven't noticed.
I disagree. I believe most of on-line services I'm using give me the opportunity to pay via paypal.

Also anyone that works has very easy access to credit cards
I don't think most of kids and teenagers have credit cards. Don't you read what you're answering?

The very easiest one is to ask someone with a CC to pay it for you
How finding someone who would pay for me with his credit card is easier than paying with my own paypal account?

I see no point in further discussion as it is.

In the end you're not adding any value to the discussion. You are trying to prove by all means I'm wrong.
Why is that? Can't you accept someone has a different opinion? Isn't that a reason for discussions at first place?