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Thread: Higher in-browser resolution options

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    Higher in-browser resolution options

    Would be nice to be able to set in-browser resolutions higher than 1024x768. In specific, i've got a 30" 2560x1600 monitor i want to play on whilst keeping an eye on things on my other monitor, so a as-full-screen-without-being-full-screen option would be great Or at least some options like 1920x1200 etc..

    Bonus points of just making it fill the browser window size

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    Quake Live Window Mode Extender with fullscreen windowed mode

    " Adds modes, changes window mode resolution, gives the possibility of windowed fullscreen and removes white boxes - Streaming and playing in fullscreen windowed mode"

    It's a greasemonkey script that works in Firefox or Chrome, and is also built into QLprism..

    Get it here
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    Perfect, thanks swampy!

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