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Thread: Site Update - February 26, 2013

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    How about the inconvenience that I paid for this game yet it's kicking me every 25 seconds if I don't press a key? How about that this same new idle kick timer is also bugged? How hard is it to get this stuff right? Seriously do you guys even test the game for more than a minute before you roll it out?

    If you join a game after it's already started and the round that's going on lasts longer than 25 seconds you will be kicked before you can even spawn one time... I waited nearly 10 minutes just to join the game because it was full, then when I joined I got kicked because the round went on for too long... I then rejoined and of course the spot was taken and the game was full again.

    You could maybe see how this could be a problem? Why does it seem like all the updates over the last year have been aimed to try and kill this game off? If you don't want to continue running the servers then just end it. Stop dragging out customers who have been playing your game for over 14 years. I bought Quake III Arena several times due to losing the disc and such and also bought team arena and the pack with quake 1 and 2 at one point. I also re-purchased them because I wanted to support you guys. So when I bought my premium memberships I assumed that you guys would be updating the game for the **better**. Please don't think I'm just complaining and see that your player base is upset with the way things are going and there needs to be a change. I would be very surprised to find out that your premium numbers contradict what I'm saying.

    Please don't say we should provide more feedback or anything. These bad changes lately just seem obviously bad. Let's just get things going in the right direction please? Or shutdown the servers.

    Edit: Also from a programming stand-point. This bug with the idle kick timer being in place when a person joins a game in progress is VERY obvious and should have easily been thought of when this change was being implemented.

    I know you are obviously getting complaints about people going idle during games for prolonged periods of time but this is clearly not the answer for this problem... How about if players get an average score per round of less than 1 after 2 consecutive rounds they are kicked? After all we know the real problem is people going to servers and trying to get deaths to cheat your tier system into knocking them down again and again. This will combat both idle players and those doing this.
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