Hello everyone. It's been a while since I made an interview but here I am again. This time, I wanted to ask some questions to the French player Laurent "Sev3n" B. He has been doing pretty well in the lasts FACEIT cups and has acquired a good amount of points for the FACEIT Winter Cup. He's already beat players like twister, agent or pavel_. Yesterday, he even eliminated evil in the round of 8 of the FACEIT#21 in a close match.

Sev3n is quite an UFO in the French QuakeLive scene and I thought it was a good occasion to ask him where he comes from, what are his goals with QuakeLive, what equipment is he using, what did he think of his game with Cypher, and some other stuff.

Here is an extract of the interview :

Esportsfrance : When did you decided to play online competitions ? Did you feel a change in your game that gave you some kind of confidence to fight against the best players or did you go simply to test yourself ?
Sev3n : When I started duel on QuakeLive, I had no plan to play competitively. I was playing for fun, mainly with my friends. I had no ambition to become a strong player or to challenge the best ones. Nevertheless, I recently found out that I got better in many aspects of the game and I wasn't satisfied with a casual play anymore. Approximately three months ago, I decided to play some online competitions (faceit).

Read the full interview on Esportsfrance. You will also find a link to Sev3n's config at the end of it.

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