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Thread: Railgun unhits

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    Sync said it nicely on irc once... "we could make the game slow as cod and all 'railthroughs' would be fixed". The game is fast and precise enough to make you notice even small delays (like ping). It can only be compensated so much. So we have to deal with it because we play in a lagged environment... the internet.

    also: demos or it didn't happen. The actual amount of not properly registered shots is quite low. I assume most people don't upload demos cause they realize by themselves they're wrong...
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    Or just lazy and their word is enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deimosmars View Post
    To me it seems like an EZ shot where an oponent basically walkins into my xhairs will often be a thru shot but flick shots are alot easier.
    I've gotten this impression at times but in general I don't experience many shoot throughs; thin out the railcore width to the point it's pencil thin, play with ping below 60, use a semi-low fov, and use a generally responsive mouse and you're pretty much set... :~)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajkiFajki View Post
    How can I check ping BEFORE connecting? Is there any way to do that?
    if you have windows go to command prompt (run->cmd) then type ping and the IP address of the server (it shows right before you connect, or you could type /cl_currentserveraddress)
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