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Thread: Inviting Standard users who are not your friend (as advertised) doesn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lam View Post
    Now, what you did was removing someone from friends, which keeps the contact object intact but changes presence to unavailable. This means you're still a known contact for him (until he logs out and in again) and it gets completely different code path than "message from unknown". PEBKAC.
    But I did log out and back in, and still received no invite. There was no indication that I was being invited until i was friends with that person again.

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    Tested with yet another player, this time in a setup similar to yours. Befriended him, invitations worked. Unfriended (actually it was him unfriending me, if that makes a difference) and the first /invite I've sent couldn't go through for some reason, but the following ones worked fine. Logout wasn't even necessary. Only the first one failed.

    This thread is a waste of time.
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