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Thread: |NmH| Recruiting TDM/CTF members!

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    |NmH| Recruiting TDM/CTF members!

    Hi, |NmH| are a team death match and capture the flag clan! And, predictably, we need some TDM or CTF players We are currently accepting tier 3 and upwards players, although tier 4 is preferable. Clan Arena skills will also be looked upon favourably, and our members have a fine tradition of indulging in a good old fashioned duel, so if you like to duel then you won't be missing out with us .

    Please message Realmie in-game. Ty!

    We are looking to enter some of our more eager members in tournaments but right now, we are mainly focusing on making a clan to play TDM or CTF within. We are currently based in western europe, although we do span out to the eastern side a bit (russians, Lithuania)
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