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Thread: Will a Intel® HD Graphics Run QL at 125 FPS?

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    Question Will a Intel® HD Graphics Run QL at 125 FPS?

    Hello everyone! I need to get a notebook soon and i dont have much money for it. But i found one with great specs for its price (i5 2450M, 4GB RAM). The only thing that its bad on it its the VGA, a integrated Intel HD Graphics. I dont care to run modern games. The only one that i really bother about its QL.

    I searched about in this forum and google and couldn't find anything conclusive about it. I would be very grateful if someone could answer that for me.

    It will be my only computer for atleast 2 years.

    Sorry for the english.

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    Senior Member Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa's Avatar
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    I wouldn't count on it.

    Try to find something with an nvidia or ATI graphics card.

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    Senior Member FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul's Avatar
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    I wouldn't count on it either.
    I run QL on an integrated Intel graphic chipset and I don't get 125 fps but it's not from the same generation so it's hard to compare. Well, sometimes I do get 125 fps, but it's never stable. It depends heavily on the map and the number of players in the PVS. On some maps I can get 110-125 (ex : Use And Abuse) or 80-110 (ex : Campgrounds) or 60-80 (ex : Left Behind) or 20-60 (Quarantine). However, Intel's chipsets improved a lot since the Core 2 Duo era. You would probably only have problems with the worst maps.

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    it should run it np. this game isnt graphic intense at all, and if it is, then you're doing it wrong (you wont be able to play well with gfx turned all the way up anyways trust me).

    and the new intel hd 4000 chips are decent with enough ram dedicated to them. i would be worried about ram more than gpu.

    runs sc2 on low with 100+fps

    read these benchmarks: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-H...0.69168.0.html

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