Hi guys,

What do you think about transcribing Sun Tzu to quake-familiar terms. First, do you think it can be done? Would you be willing to contribute?

I was taken by Ishac Bertran's compilation http://code-poems.com/ and used John Minford's Art of War translation as a template coming up with an introduction:

Art of Quake

To game
is an acknowledgment
of security.
It is the latter half
of the survival equation,
A discipline
and privilege.

It is an activity
of the mind, after
corporeal needs
are sustained.

employ two components
for victory:
competition and cooperation;

First, to adjust sights
accurately, work
deception, to vie

Harmonious play depends
on awareness
of team and opponent.

The Art of War is
a study of death enabling

The Art of Quake is
a study of life disabling

If you think it's worth pursuing, we should build it up.