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Thread: Reporting players?

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    Reporting players?

    There was this really mean guy i was playing against and he said i sucked at the match (which I did) but then he kept saying like I should commit suicide because im a worthless individual and he really hurt my feelings saying that stuff and he said my parents are careless alcoholics and that my parents hated me
    I don't know how to report people...
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    Go to your console and type: /block playername

    On team games, you can also type /cg_teamChatsOnly 1

    This should help you, but keep in mind there are a lot of a-holes out there who get off on picking on new players. Best to just develop a thick skin, keep playing and learning, and one day this type of stuff won't bother you at all...once you get good enough, abusive chat from dominated players becomes a kind of compliment

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    Make sure you record this kind of behaviour and send the demo to the support team. This is not acceptable.

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