Is this command necessary? Can we remove or limit its use at all?
I've been messing around with it and it seems to be the cause of at least some of the warp i see in other players.
For me, when I turned autotimenudge on, the game was a slide show. My netgraph got ugly... I was warping, everyone was warping to the point where I consider it unplayable. But cause I was testing it I stuck with it for a few FFA games.
I won them all.
I was hitting shots I had no business hitting.
The lg was near useless (and still locked on at points) but rail, rockets, mg, sg and even plasma were hitting even when I know from my position I should have missed. It felt like the server was giving me the benefit of the doubt and let me hit just because my shot was in the general area of my target. I had 37% acc at the end of the game when I had 100+ ping and as I said, was playing in a complete mess of a slide show.
It was obvious other players were having trouble tracking me, they were turning completely in the wrong direction (where i came from as opposed to where I was or where I was going). People couldn't find me, never mind hit me. A few times I literally ran circles around other players.
I imagine, I can tweak it for each weapon so when I play with my normal 20-40 ping I have that bonus jitter-warp making me harder to hit, while hitting shots that should actually miss, all without the loss of normal accuracy.
After testing, there is no doubt in my mind players have already taken advantage of this.