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    Quote Originally Posted by sponge View Post
    Capture a point by standing nearby, and then defend it from incoming attackers attempting to do the same.
    Hey Sponge, I can't believe you totally failed at describing your game's points system... Even I know, and I didn't have anything to do with making the game, that capturing an area doesn't give you a point until the 5 second iteration... It's a description like this that effectively kills your gametype, because people don't know how to get points, which is what matters isn't it... If I could edit this post, I would probably do a better job explaining how it works.... So not only didn't you mention that a point is given every five seconds for each spot a team controls, but with all the omissions you proceed to explain the part that you didn't omit WRONG.. I'm not trying to be rude to you, but seriously, how can you make a description like this...

    OK I just realized that you didn't mean score a point but capture a point, but still, how can you not tell us how to gain POINTS... Like scoreboard points.... and call them areas, because this can lead to confusion about scoreboard points and capture points....

    all I can say to all this is WAY TO GO!!! Nobody knows how to get points for their team.... All they know how to do is capture the areas...
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