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Thank you very much for your reply Megaman3, that was enlightening; I thought Id arranged for the servers itself. I guess we are screw over here 'cause I know nothing about running a server and even if I could, my girlfriend would nailed my nuts to the wall if she finds out what it is for :S.
Well they do pay for most of the servers themselves; just not where it's not economically viable to do so. There's also something very beautiful we learned in sponge's last post : Argentina's playerbase has evolved enough to make it profitable to have a server there. Erm... or maybe the server costs went down, which isn't impossible in countries in development. Or maybe id is running them at a loss to satisfy the playerbase at the expense of Quake Live's viability but I wouldn't bet on that. Anyway, it means there's a hope for smaller populations to grow into something a business can build a partnership with and this is good news.

Also, there's no way your girlfriend wouldn't find out about a hole of several thousands dollars in your yearly budget so you better forget that .

Finally, I have something to say about this topic and the kind of comments we find in these kinds of topics :
It's fine to complain about your favourite location disappearing. It's fine to tell that whichever replacement location proposed doesn't suit you well. But the whole "Omg I have 20 more ping now" or "id software is now dead to me" is getting old. On the other hand, "Omg stop complaining about servers" is annoying too. Such complaints can be valuable information. Just make sure you're respectful, people... a lot seem to have problems with that and it's sad.