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Thread: g_splashdamage_rl=0 acting like g_splashdamage_rl=1

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    g_splashdamage_rl=0 acting like g_splashdamage_rl=1

    When I create a server and set g_splashdamage_rl (rocket splash dmg) to 0, it actually hits for 1 damage in game. Funny, because using the cvar for direct hit damage works fine (no damage). I haven't tested it with other weapons or values, but definitely a bug.

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    Most server-side cvars are not allowed to be modified while in game, including g_splashdamage_rl. You would need to set this value in Start a Match before you started the server for it to take effect. You can find it under the Rocket Launcher section.

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