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Thread: I almost always die the most?

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    "Most deaths" usually has my name next to it, so I know where you're coming from - I can't dodge for toffee. Doesn't really bother me though, as long as I'm getting plenty of frags. Most frags wins in FFA, so dying isn't overly important - always nice not to die too much, of course, but don't lose sleep over it. Enjoy.
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    Just keep timing RA and suddenly your death count drops by half. Helps with killing enemies, too (you don't spend so much time running for your life and searching for weapons, since you're mostly alive and well).

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    Quote Originally Posted by quakestreme View Post
    It doesn't matter that you die the most, that happens me sometimes also.

    If you're viewing it as a possible symptom of a bigger problem then good luck to you. If you view it as an end in itself (such as many people do with accuracy), then I have no sympathy for you because it's not the objective of the game. To concentrate on something like that because it means you're not trying your best, which I consider unethical (some laziness or experimental play aside).

    Well, it's not that it matters that much, it's just really frustrating when it comes to gameplay
    as for the peoples advice on staying alive, thanks for that.
    Still, I have 1 question
    '' When I strafe jump I always run into walls. How do you turn while strafe jumping?''

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    Well, without PQL you don't turn, you slightly bend the curve Mouselook + strafe, but in small portions, otherwise you'll lose speed. If it is really needed to turn (from MH to RA through stairs on dm6), then I slightly (very!) delay jump loosing speed but being able to turn.
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