hi everyone!
i just figured out that quake live is still alive. good to see.
therefore i started again and already tweaked my ini to my needs.

there are two problems that concern me, and i can't find a way to fix them by myself:

1) i simply can't turn off autoswitch weapons. if i try so, via the game directly, everytime i restart or join a game, it's again "on".
i also tried it via my own config file (seta cg_autoswitch to 0, 1 or 2) none of them worked.
2) i can't bind all weapons like i want them to.
f.e.: rocket launcher is weapon 5
i want to bind weapon 5 with key "f"
key "f" is already in use (i can see it ingame in the options) for weapon 6.
also if i try to change settings ingame => restart => all the same again.
how can i bind them via ini-file?