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Thread: Roccat Mice?

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    Roccat Mice?

    Has anyone had experience with Roccat mice, namely the Lua?


    After a new mouse to replace the currently dying one (variable sensitivity, sometimes it momentarily stops moving all together for 1/10th of a second, baaaaaad for instagib in general)

    ******** to Razer and Steel Series, not saying they are bad mice but spending that much on a mouse doesn't seem in the spirit of the Quake (Any of the guys who played Quake and QII will know what I mean when many of us had systems that barely ran the game, we all played on dial-up, computers only came in off white and the only mice you could get had a ball and rollers)


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    Logitech G400
    Compare with the Lua - Click Here

    This is the successor to the MX-518. It costs just $5 USD more than the Lua. (possibly cheaper shipped)
    Has DPI on the fly up to 3600, the Lua is only 2000
    8 buttons versus the 3 on the Lua.

    No reason to put yourself at a disadvantage for the sake of what was.
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    I'm excited about a Razer Mamba waiting for me at home...

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    Senior Member Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by epinema View Post
    ******** to Razer and Steel Series,
    Wmo, IE 3.0, Razer Abyssus are cheap/good.

    SS kana is mid-price and is ok.

    Zowie AM and new Zowie FK are sorta expensive but everyone seems to like them.

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    Senior Member Cat will become famous soon enough Cat will become famous soon enough Cat's Avatar
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    Unless you're willing to wait for the Ninox Aurora (which so far has been delayed over and over) I'd go with a Zowie mouse.

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    Abyssus is nice for its price, if u don't need buttons under thumb. It's the only reason I am looking for a replacement.
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    Banned AutoMatiK is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Cyborg Rat 7. fun and looks freakin awesome.

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    DPI doesn't really matter Molester. Cyborg Rat 7 is expensive. You don't need the best mice for Quake. IMO you don't even need buttons on the mouse.

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    You need 2 buttons, jump and shoot lol

    Went out and got a Logitech G400, nice and ergonomic like, good for those of us with a relaxed grip playing style.

    Still curious about the Lua but the mean salesman at the store wouldn't let me have a look at one inside the box to check the grip. Looking at the ones it may have been a bit narrow to keep a relaxed grip (ironically every other Roccat mouse had a transparent box except the Lua)

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