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Thread: cg_gun/aspectratio/cfg question(s)

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    Question cg_gun/aspectratio/cfg question(s)

    Morning quakers, I haven't played in a serious amount of time so forgive my stupidity.
    Is it possible to have the viewmodel look like this while playing at a lower fov? http://i.imgur.com/eYQmMdV.jpg

    I prefer the viewmodel to be thinner & have a higher fov look to it but don't want to resort to having my actual fov @130 to achieve that.
    Playing at 1280x1024, fov probably between 100-110 (undecided)

    Also on the lookout for a decent gfx cfg (no binds etc), as low quality as it gets, grey/darker would be best.

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit to save bumping: Thanks, I think I'm getting there now. cuingame (=
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    Not sure on the viewmodel -- perhaps I'll think of the answer later when I'm not tired :P

    Try r_picmip 10 (probably on 0 at the moment) and then lower the r_gamma a bit (You're probably on 1 at the moment -- perhaps to .6 or something) for the lower quality + darker

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    Your best bet is to use the cg_gun variables.

    For example:

    cg_gunY 2.7 (centers the gun)
    cg_gunX 10
    cg_gunZ 8

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