Tired of getting owned by people with a higher Elo then you? Canít quite get your foot in the door for the big cups? Then this is the cup for you!

There will be a cup each week, so we need a different winner for each! At the end of 3 weeks (March 6th) we will be having a "Step it Up Duel Master Finals" event, where prior first- and second-place winners will be placed in a Bo5 single-elimination bracket!

QLRanks Elo rating under 1650
At least 3 days of play time on your Quake Live account
Not a first- or second-place winner from a prior week

Check-in: 2013-02-13 18:30 EDT (check in on IRC!)
Starts: 2013-02-13 19:00 EDT

Players: Up to 16 players
Format: Double Elimination. Bo3 until semifinals, then Bo5
Map Selection: toss toss pick pick

BloodRun, Sinister, Aerowalk, Toxicity, LostWorld

Links: #StepItUp

Yes the start time it tomorrow evening at 7PM.

Join the channel and Message "Robsome" if you're interested in playing in this cup!

Open to all players that meet the requirements!