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Thread: I am having problems on the home page

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    Unhappy I am having problems on the home page

    Okay i love playing quakes 1-4 but when i found this i fell back in love with the game but there is a problem i am having every time i try and join a game it says there is a "download" going so i cant join a game and this say it on every game i join even if i want to spectator on a game. plz help me i just want to kill people or see people get kill in this game.

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    Have you tried reloading the page to see if the maps download? If so, you might have to ask a Pro member to spawn a server for you, or you can enter in the specific map you want into the address bar like


    (Change "aerowalk" to the name of the map you need)

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    A forced reload can help fix this problem. I believe the command is ctrl-f5.

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