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Thread: how to practice???

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    how to practice???

    I'm quite new to the game and im often told the only way to improve it to practice. That is quite obvious but how do new commers practice? Its like giving someone who has never even seen a chess board a chess board and saying practice. can anyone offer any advice on how to practice please?

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    I'd first learn what we call strafing, or strafe jumping/accelerating. To do this, click the 'Practice' link, then the 'Training Center', and finally 'Accelerate'.

    Next would be to learn to rocket jump. Not as important, but still very useful. This is the 'Elevate' mode. There's also wall climbing with the plasma gun in there, but seldom is that useful.

    After that you can play the bots in 'Crash Course', but understandable if you don't.
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    I pass all 'Accelerate' part no probs, but bridge-to-rail is like 20% success.
    Same goes to RJ part, except I can't make the last one all the time
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    The important thing is repeating the same motions over and over until you gain some form of consistency. Basically, develop your muscle memory. It's important that you pick a decent sensitivity first and stick with it, unless you're basically dead sure changing it will improve your game. Between 20-40 centimeters for a full 360 degree turn are the extreme high-end and low-end sensitivities. Try them both out (start with the low end of 40/360, otherwise you risk both feeling extremely low), see which you prefer, and then pick something in-between that both lets you move well and doesn't hurt your aim.

    After that practice your circle jump and strafe jump. Start a game on Campgrounds and practice the bridge to rail jump until you can pull it off at least half the time (9 times out of 10 if you're serious and depending on what game mode you wish to play. In something like CTF where movement is the game, having a good circle and strafe jump is a must if you wanna play at a higher level). After that practice your aim. I have a railgun tutorial you might wanna watch in my signature. It's short and pretty much the only thing you will need for a while until you get some experience. It'll help you learn the simple act of moving your crosshair onto your target and firing accurately.

    You should probably ignore rocket jumping for a while. It's fun and useful all, (in Clan Arena), but it's a crutch to begin with and won't help you in any other game mode than CA until you've become experienced enough to know when doing one is a good idea.

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