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Thread: Bookmark favorite servers

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    Bookmark favorite servers

    Please, I have few questions.

    1. I have played few games at one server that I liked. After few hours I would like to connect to this server again. But how can I do it? If this server is not visible at the "play online" matches, does that mean, that this server is not possible to connect? I couldn't found the server at all. How is it?

    2. This one is continuation of the first question. How do I know what was the name of the server that I played at? When I browse through old matches, there's no info about the server name at all, only player stats. Is it possible to find it somewhere?

    3. Can I bookmark servers somehow? How do you all deal with this? Are you using any other softwares to manage QL games?

    4. Can I know before connecting the game what are the game options (settings, rules)? I mean, I like playing CTF and some servers have for example only RL weapon, with unlimited ammo. Can I see these game settings in the "play online" browser before connecting the game?

    Thank you very much!
    This thing bugs me off.

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    The servers are just specific locations. If you liked playing with the people on it at the time, send those people friend requests.

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