Stop recruiting new players to load your broken crap ...

It's beyond pathetic that you have dedicated so much effort to a fantastic and
legendary game, only to leave clients flat.

I can safely say after 3 month's of failed strategy's to run the game that
your are promoting a broken bloody mess that simply needs to be shut down
and redone.

With any free to play game the most basic strategy is to provide a quality
experience that will inspire players to go the next step and buy various
products that will enhance the game.

In the interest of offering constructive advice, perhap's those responsible for
promoting the game should open a few anonymous accounts and try to replicate
the new player experience so that the many obstacles encountered can be dealt
with and eliminated.

That way maybe Quake Live will be able to uphold the legendary status of the
original series and possibly begin to provide the quality of game play that will
inspire growth and improvement for all involved.

Thanks for letting me rant ...