Hey QL Gamers

Im looking for a clan to play some CW's with. I miss the exceitment of a good match.

I can play many different mods. But i prefer theese:

1. FreezeTag (Not insta)
2. Instagib
3. CTF
4. ClanArena

My history:
First of all, im a 25 year old guy, working and living in Denmark.

I started playing Quake3 1.16n many years ago. After some time i found that my gametype was FreezeTag AW. I played in many different clans over the years. I also occasionally played instagib, and become good with the railgun. I then found a Insta clan also and did some wars with them.

After many years of quake 3 1.16n i also installed quake 3 1.32 and played with all the best players. (Not that i had a chance :P). But i found a CA, Rocket Arena, CTF and tdm really funny. I also found a clan to play with on Clanbase, and other tournaments.

I have now had 3-4 years break, but i did play some QL from time to time.

Well, hope to hear from a serious clan.